Adornments began several years ago when I stumbled across a book of vintage costume jewelry and fell in love with Miriam Haskell's designs, along with Bakelite and Czech glass, filigree and Juliana. It could go on forever.

The designers and materials are a reflection of what was happening in the world at the time. Wearing a Haskell bracelet I am reminded of a remarkable woman that forged ahead in a man's world. Bakelite makes me think of the need for inexpensive materials to brighten a country in the midst of a world war. Discovering my first piece of Hobé, one of the first to make high-quality jewelry at affordable prices, was so exciting.

Over time, merging a passion for collecting vintage jewelry with a concern for the disenfranchised, Adornments has become the launching pad for The Green Door Industries' mission of assisting others. For more information visit the Green Door page.